Alabama Job Projections

Alabama unemployment is surging upward sharply, which is the bad news. The good news is that there are jobs out there to be had, you just have to know where to look, how to apply and when they become available.

Alabama, while experiencing some growth problems in things like construction and other service areas, is also experiencing some areas of growth in certain industries.

Healthcare, most notably is one of the areas where jobs are plentiful and skill or experience in this type employment will serve you very well. Healthcare jobs which are on a rapid rise in Alabama, like many other states include:

  • Nursing, in which there is a critical shortage
  • Nuclear Medicine, rising rapidly in prominence, there are simply not enough technicians to service the positions that are available.
  • Massage or physical therapy, which seems to be very long on jobs and short on employees.

A career in one of the medical fields will supply you a great job, good benefits and usually some job security that you’re looking for when you begin a new position.

Another of the areas in which Alabama seems to be experiencing a sharp need for workers is the financial area.

Latest Alabama Jobs reports more than 1000 financial jobs available in the state of Alabama. These range from Financial advisor, to accounting manager to accounts representatives.

Multiple opportunities exist as well for technicians and technical jobs in the computer field,with more than a thousand positions open in that arena.

Your selections from computer jobs will range from network engineer, network consultant, IT specialist, to help desk employment. The computer fields are coming on strong in Alabama, and jobs are available and projected by the Alabama unemployment office to rise dramatically in the coming years.

In addition, many of the companies which are laying off workers, are in fact hiring for other positions within the same company. Some retraining may be in order to get you working again with the same company. Many companies are moving toward a more automated system, and positions which used human workers are now moving toward computer systems in order to streamline the business and make it more cost effective. Still, those positions to require human workers in many capacities, up to and including people to input information into the accounting software and keep data updated. Computer positions are becoming more necessary in nearly every company.

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