Alabama Federal Extended Benefits

In Alabama, with the unemployment rate sitting at about 11 percent, above the national average which is really exorbitant itself, the worry is that before there is a new job, we’re going to run out of unemployment benefits.


It’s a vald concern in many cases. Fortunately the federal benefits will kick in to offer an extra term of unemployment weeks in Alabama.  You can learn a great deal more about Alabama unemployment extended benefits by visiting the extended benefits site.

When your unemployment has finished, by visiting the Alabama unemployment site you can apply for new, or extended benefits from Alabama. Making sure that you’ve got what you needt o continue until you find a job is what the extended benefits were designed for. They are, as they say in the name, an extension of the benefits that you’re already receiving and will enter into play once you’ve run out of, or exhausted your Alabama unemployment insurance benefits.

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They must be applied for, and the same criteria apply for you to receive them as the benefits that you originally got from your unemployment filing, and must be certified for and recertified for in the same time span. The payments will be the same amount, and the service runs from about 8 weeks in some states, to 13 weeks in others. There is also a secondary set of Federal extension benefits called Tier 2, so that your total number of extended benefit weeks can now run about 26 weeks.

While its not forever, it does give you added time to find employment. The average time span for finding a new job in Alabama is running about 7-20 weeks. That’s not good news for thsoe of us who are applying, so the Federal unemployment benefits in Alabama is good news. It will at least tide us over until that new job rolls around.

To find out more about your Alabama unemployment extended benefits, check out the employment extension site at Extended Unemployment

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